Display the full folder path a project is stored somewhere

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The full folder path of a project is not displayed anywhere in the Dataiku GUI. I am aware this can be queried via the Python API but that's not something that's easy to use nor it fits the "Clickers" personas. I asked Support and I was told to search for a project at home page and look at the PROJECT FOLDERS section. Well given these two projects:

Project1 is stored under root_folder>user>1522lc>Level1>Level2>Level3>Level4>Level5

Project2 is stored under root_folder>user>1522lc>Level1>Level2

Searching for "Project" produces the following:


Good luck figuring out where each project is stored on!

My suggestion is that this gets added to the Project Details pane but also show the full path when you hoover over a project in any of the home/folder screens.

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