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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create an amount field based on some transaction values, I have used prepare recipe with this formula:

if(transaction_type.match('sale', 'credit') , amount ,0)

Can anyone help to make this fomula working? or to give an alternative ?

Operating system used: windows


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  • Sarina
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    HI @obidakacem

    Perhaps you can share an example row of your data and exactly what check you want to perform? It sounds like if the `transaction_type` column is either `sale` or `credit`, you want the column to contain `amount` and otherwise set the column value to 0.

    The way match works is described here:

    match(string a, string or regexp) array of strings

    Returns an array of the matching groups found in <span class="pre">s</span>. Groups are designated by () within the specified string or regular expression.

    <span class="pre">match('hello</span><span> </span><span class="pre">world',</span><span> </span><span class="pre">'he(.*)wo(rl)d')</span> returns <span class="pre">["llo</span><span> </span><span class="pre">","rl"]</span>

    From your description, I think you simply want to check if transaction_type is equal to sale or credit instead of returning a match. In that case, I think you could simply do:

    if((transaction_type == 'sale' || transaction_type == 'credit'), amount, 0)

    Let me know if you have any further questions about the formula.

    Thank you,

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