Thoughts on Building a Unique Query In Dataiku?

Andrew_Osterman Registered Posts: 1

Hello All!

I'm looking to build a specific query in Dataiku and, I'm sorry to say, I'm quite the Noob.

I have an extract of all transactions within a market that includes item descriptions, transaction dates, unique customer IDs, and total price.

I'm specifically looking to analyse the purchases that an average customer makes within 90 days of purchasing a specific product.

My original plan was to filter for transactions by IDs that have had made the purchase, and then, within each customer specific file, calc a time between each transaction and the qualifying transaction. But this seems to be resulting in quite the mess.

It seems that I can't possibly be the first person to look at this type of analysis.

Does anyone have any thoughts or guidance on how they might approach this?

Thank you so much in advance,



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