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How can I create a running total in a given dataset in Dataiku? I mean by that to create an additional column where the figures from another numeric column in the same dataset are accumulated, record by record, for a defined range of records. It seemed the Windows Recipe might be the way of doing that, but it doesn't contain an option for accumulating. When I tried it was possible to calculate a sum of the range of records selected, but that sum would populate every record in the new column created, instead of accumulating a running total, record by record. Would be the case of using some code?

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    Hi @ptavares

    You were on the right track with the Window recipe! To get a running total, you will need to set up your window frame in the following way:

    • use an order column
    • toggle on the 'window frame' option, and select limit following rows which you would set to zero.

    This will give you a window frame that is unbounded on one side and bounded on the other, thus a cummulative/running calculation. To make a moving calculation, like a moving average, you'd set a bound on both sides. To get a 'total' calculation, like you'd get from a group by, leave the window frame unbounded on both sides.

    LMK if this helps!




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