Improving Changelog in Dataiku

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I'm a bit frustrated with how changelog management is handled during new production releases when deploying in Automation or API nodes.

Changelog Documentation

Currently, you can add a release note when creating a bundle, but the release notes field is left blank by default. It would be beneficial if it automatically incorporated logged changes, perhaps by providing checkboxes to select from a predefined list of changes to include. These changes should be briefly documented as they are developed. As a secondary solution, we could consider the option of listing these changes from the Todo lists. In my experience, however, Dataiku users sometimes develop new features or fix bugs that were not initially foreseen in these Todo lists. Therefore, having a new category for these unexpected changes would be quite valuable. Additionally, it would be excellent to link each change to objects within a DSS project where they could be documented.

Changelog Communication

The current way of visualizing the changelog through release notes is not very user-friendly (see this post from an experienced user!). It would be greatly appreciated if the changelog could be made more visible and less "hidden." Furthermore, it would be useful to have the ability to export changelogs for communication with stakeholders, such as concatenating the changelogs and including a few metadata items (like deployment dates) when selecting multiple bundles.

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