Redirect or configure content of SSO refused login page

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We just configure SSO on our dataiku servers. It looks all good, however we are bothered by the return message and/or page when a user is authenticated by the sso IDP but login is refused by DSS:*11j5sev*_ga*MTY0NjQ0MzczMy4xNjk1MDM5ODQ3*_ga_B3YXRYMY48*MTY5NzEwMjMyMi4xNS4xLjE2OTcxMDI0ODIuNTMuMC4w#login-fails-with-unknown-user-some-string

The message is clear enough but quite short. And the url is https://[dss-domain]/dip/api/saml-callback that refuse GET request, so if the user simply refresh, it gets a 405 (attempt of a GET on a page accepting only POST)

This is not critical, but is there a way

  • to either configure the output message, where we could for example add a retry link to the DSS base url (without dip/api/saml-callback) ?
  • Or to configure a redirection on a different page ?



PS: we are using dataiku v10 currently, but will soon update it.

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