Dataiku cloud Plugin Tableau Hyper format presets host issue

dkj_ PartnerApplicant, Registered Posts: 2
I am using Dataiku cloud (Discover).When setting Tableau Hyper format presets, the issue “Something went wrong during feature update: Invalid parameter: host” is occurring.Connected to anything other than Dataiku cloudThere is no problem with Host.Are there any additional settings required?


  • Alexandru
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    HI @dkj_
    Invalid parameter: host error on Dataku Cloud launchpad indicates the host could not be reached.
    Note if you are on Dataiku Cloud, you will need to provide a public URL/IP, and that IP has to be reachable from source IPs listed in your launchpad when trying to create a new connection.

    If you need further assistance with this, please reach out to the support team:


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