Upgrading to latest version in MacOS Ventura

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Hi, so I was running v12.1.3 and wanted to upgrade to the latest version. The documentation said that all I needed to do was to go to https://www.dataiku.com/product/get-started/mac/ and let the "Dataiku’s Mac launcher application that will assist you in installing and updating to the latest version of Dataiku DSS as soon as they get released. You only need to download it once". Starting the Launcher again didn't upgrade me to the latest version. Neither did downloading and installing the Launcher again. I looked around found a config file under [MY_USER_HOME]/Library/DataScienceStudio/config.json. I updated this config file and set these two:


On kitpath I placed the latest version of Dataiku at the time. I checked on https://cdn.downloads.dataiku.com/public/dss/ then I downloaded v12.2.1, expanded the file uder DataScienceStudio/kits/ with "tar xvf https://cdn.downloads.dataiku.com/public/dss/12.2.1/dataiku-dss-12.2.1-osx.tar.gz. Then I start the Dataiku Launcher again and it did seem to upgrade but I started to get security warnings as the MacOS detected these files were downloaded from the internet and were not signed. Normally you just go to Settings => Privacy & Security and click on Open Anyway and that's the end of it. But there were so many files that I had to look for a different approach. So I ran this command to reset the Apple Quatantine flag on all the 12.2.1 files:

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine [my_user_home]/Library/DataScienceStudio/kits/dataiku-dss-12.2.1-osx

And that seems to have sorted all issues. Probably not the way upgrades should be done in MacOS but I though I would document my hacky way in case someone gets side tracked on the same path. Clearly the Launcher is not behaving how the documentation says it will in that it doesn't auto-upgrade itself. The fact there is a "_updateDssOnStart" config setting confirms that the documentation is not up-to-date.

Does anyone know what is the correct procedure to update Dataiku in MacOS?

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    The Dataiku's Mac app is checking for DSS updates at startup. You can force a version check by clicking on the tray icon > Check for updates.

    There is no need to re-install anything manually, nor modifying any file on disk, to update DSS: when a new version is available, you should see a notification dialog with a button to upgrade. It is generally not recommended to modify application's files manually.

    Note that the Dataiku's Win/Mac apps are not officially supported: new versions on these platforms are published separately and they are never immediately available. Maybe this can be the explanation of why you couldn't update to the latest version ?

    Frederic Terrazzoni

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  • Turribeach
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    My bad Frederic, I used Little Snitch (outbound firewall) to block the Dataiku’s Mac Launcher App to "phone home" as I don't like apps that phone home without my explicit approval and I also like to be sure things work offline. Too many apps these days want to hooked to the internet constantly and bill you for a subscription.

    I have allowed a temporary connection and I can confirm the Dataiku’s Mac Launcher App has updated my installation without any issues, nicely done! I wish the Linux update was this easy.

    Anyway it was good to do a bit of digging and find a way to do a manual update as other people might benefit from it (ie if they have an offline machine).

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