Integrating Dataiku with Snowflake

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Hi dear support,

My name is Hossein and I am using Dataiku for a while.

I just created a small database in Snowflake and wanted to read it from my DataIku project.

My Snowflake is lunched and activated by partner to Dataiku.

When I go for importing dataset, the snowflake is not active, the link is disabled.

Would you please provide me with your advices how to resolve this?

I have attached two snapshots for your observations.

Please let me know if you need more info around the problem.



  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Neuron, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered, Neuron 2023 Posts: 1,708 Neuron

    Before you can import a dataset from Snowflake you need to create a connection to it. This is usually done by your Dataiku administrator but you may have rights to do it too. If the Snowflake connection has already been created you may not have rights to use it.

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