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Hi can I get an example of vector variables?

There is nothing in the documentation here :

what should be the format? what is the default delimiter?

I have comma delimited text and got this error during training:

'Invalid vector data in column 'segments': No JSON object could be decoded'

So it looks like it should be JSON format.But can I get an example?


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  • nomont
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    Indeed, the documentation has to be completed.

    - It works only on vectors of numerical values
    - The vectors should be detected as “array” in prepare steps.
    - The format of an array is a string like "[ 1.111 , 2.222, 3]" (json format). To create an array from columns, you can use a formula to concatenate them.

    Nicolas Omont


  • Jason
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    I know this is several years old, but the documentation still has not been updated, so I'm bouncing this back to the top. It would also be a nice feature to accept JSON strings that include key value pairs, and simply ignore the keys.

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    Hi @Jason
    please feel free to utilize the Product Ideas board. The Product Ideas board is here to let you share and exchange your ideas on how to improve Dataiku. Here are some resources to help get you started: Suggest an idea

    I hope this helps!

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