Make sure that the newly created dataset (through recipes) stays in the CURRENT zone

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Here's the scenario :

I have two zones, let's call them Z1 and Z2. I also have two datasets and let's call them D1 and D2. D1 is located in Z1 and D2 is located in Z2. Now I share both D1 and D2 to a new zone, Z3. Now I want to make a join (or any arbitrary recipe) in Z3 from D1 and D2. Now after clicking the 'Run' in the recipe, the resulting dataset is placed in either Z1 or Z2, with the other dataset that is not in the zone shared AUTOMATICALLY to this zone.

This is pretty frustrating, because the previous zones might contain a complicated flow and when the new dataset is added there, it is difficult to locate the new one. Moreover, we have to MANUALLY move the new dataset to the new zone. This defeats the purpose of creating a new zone. I created a new zone because I wanted to SEPARATE them from the other datasets. This of course takes a lot of time, and would also be more problematic when the zones are separated far away and we have to scroll throug the whole flow to find the resulting dataset. I hope this can get fixed really soon. Thanks in advance!

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