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I've found in the documentation that I can execute scenario with parameters ( doing something like{'x': y}) but is there a way to run a scenario from another scenario sending execution parameters (in my case, a date)?

Thank you

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  • Mattsco
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    I would use project variables.

    In your case, I would set the variables of project A to {"x":y} and run scenario of project A from project B.

    You can use the python client to do that in a python step of a scenario:

    import dataiku

    client = dataiku.api_client()

    p = client.get_project(PROJECT_A)

    variables = p.get_variables()

    variables["standard"] = {"x":y}


    Doc about project variables:


  • Alan_Fusté
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    Ok, I'll try your solution! Thanks Mattsco!
  • Vinothkumar
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    Hi Mattsco,Fuste,

    Looking for one additional information.

    Lets say, in my scenario, the first step is updating the variable.

    variable name is: "Name"

    So i want to run the next step only if the variable "Name" is not equal to "NA".

    So in scenario, in the second step,

    Run this step->"If condition is satisficed"

    And added this condition

    ${Name} !="NA"

    Is this correct way? But my scenario is not going to the 2nd step irrespective of the variable(when it is NA,when it is not NA)

    Could you able to help me?

    I would like to run my 2nd step only when i get the proper "Name".If it is NA, i dont want to run next step.


    Vinothkumar M

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