Suggest tips to create a voice cloning AI with accent integration

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I want to create a voice cloning AI with accent integration just like the voice cloning software I've been using since the past 7 months. I want to create a similar one with a unique accent cloning feature for my personal use for now. I've been itching to create an AI model which is unlike the ones available online as it could be customized for my absolute personal needs rather than the ones available for the masses

Operating system used: Windows



  • Turribeach
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    Hi, are you a human? If so what Dataiku version are you using?

  • annianni
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    Yes, I'm a human.
    Using Version 11.3.0

  • kaveesak
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    Consider experimenting with accent embedding techniques to ensure your AI can accurately mimic various accents. Additionally, refining your model's training process to prioritize accent adaptation could enhance its ability to clone voices with precision.
    Since you're aiming for a personalized AI tailored to your specific needs, it's worth investing time in fine-tuning parameters and optimizing the model architecture to achieve the desired outcome.
    Don't hesitate to explore resources and guidance from AI for Business—they might offer valuable insights and strategies to support your project.

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