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The Dataiku plugin for Sharepoint ( in its documentation clearly states that appending to SharePoint Lists is not supported.

However, it is clear from that the append mode for lists was at least considered if not explicitly tested. Changing the visibilityCondition of that option to True and changing from being hard coded to being read from the options in theory allows for appends to work. (And in practice for a couple of quick tests).

My question therefore is what are the risks and caveats of using the append option?


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    Hi !

    Version v1.0.15-beta.1 features a new "Append to List" recipe. The plugin can be downloaded from the github repository. Feel free to try it and let us know how it performs.

    The main recommendation is to append only to lists that were created to be used with DSS. This way there will be no complication linked to data types that exists on SharePoint and no on DSS.

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