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Hello All,

We are planning to deploy the application on Azure VM's. We will have 2 regions i.e EMEA and NA.

What would be the best recommendation for hardware specifications in these regions?

We are completely new to DataIKU.

What nodes can be deployed for DEV(like Design for DEV) and Prod(API and Automation Node)?

GeoDataIKU Component Hardware SpecsNumber of NodesEnv(DEV/PROD)
EMEAFleet Manager 1
Design Node 1
Automation Node 1
API Node 1

I request all to share the best recommended answer or standard practices that are being followed across.

Operating system used: Redhat

Operating system used: Redhat



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    It's imposible to come up with a sizing without knowing what the use it's going to be. And being a new system you will probably have low use at the beginning and it will grow as you onboard more users. Also in this day and age one doesn't really need to worry much about VM sizes since these are all virtual and can be upgraded in the future. Therefore the most important thing is that you test your ability to resize your VM and your storage as needed. Then simply start with the minimum requirements and enlarge VM and storage as needed as you go along.

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