BP, Wipro - Automating Competitor Insights for Real-Time Updates

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Team members:

  • BP Team: Tanjeer Wahab
  • Wipro Team: Sri Jagruthi Siddineni (Data Science Lead), with Sri Saiteja Madala & Pradyumna Medavarapu

Country: United Kingdom

Organization: BP - M & C A Competitor Insights

BP plc is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England. It is one of the world’s largest oil and gas company operating in all areas of oil and gas industry, including exploration and extraction, refining, distribution and marketing, power generation, and trading. The company has operations present in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America.

Awards Category:

  • Best Partner Acceleration Use Case

Business Challenge:

The client was facing challenge with the manual work that took long time in pulling information from different sources and populating it into spreadsheet and power point for visualization. The widely used manual process for reporting was prone to human error and lacked standardization, that made it difficult to ensure consistency across different reports.

Business Solution:

Dataiku served as the backbone of the solution. It was used to process data for different competitors which was available in varied formats such as HTML, PDF and Excel.

Different flow zones were created for each competitor. Quarterly data was extracted from the files and aggregated for the past four quarters. Additionally, visual recipes were used for processing and grouping the data and increasing the computational power.

To run the jobs, Dataiku in-memory computation engine was leveraged, and Power BI plugin was used for creating reports & dashboards. Jobs were scheduled using scenarios to run at regular intervals and stakeholders were notified on the completion through email reporters.

Business Area Enhanced: Supply Chain/Supplier Management/Service Delivery

Use Case Stage: In Production

Value Generated:

The solution enabled the business users to take key business decisions by observing the financial performance trends across competitors on a permanent basis for M & C Americas.

The solution automated the end-end process and reduced the manual effort to maintain the reports. It increased operational and resource efficiency by saving 25% of aggregate efforts per week for 40 different users by providing quick insights into the trends and reports.

The competitor data was processed as and when received and real-time updates on trends were sent to the stakeholders. This enhanced the user experience significantly. A detailed view of the fuel margin & fuel volume per site along with respective contribution to growth was also provided through reports & dashboards.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

Dataiku is the platform for Enterprise AI and Automation, enabling the organization to effectively harness the power of data. It improved the process efficiency by integrating with multiple ecosystems, improved scalability and performance through distributed computing and parallel processing and improved the data security and governance by giving the organization necessary security and control over the projects and data.

Key elements that generated value include:

  • Seamless data integration with various data sources, which helped in extracting the data from different sources and storing the data in different data bases.
  • Dataiku’s visual recipes capability, which helped in building the solution faster without requiring extensive coding.
  • Intuitive Interface, which allowed data scientists, business users and analysts to collaborate effectively.
  • AutoML capabilities helped business users in quickly building the models for PoC whenever required without the need of Data scientists.
  • Custom plugins feature helped in converting the code into a plugin which helped in reusing it in another projects and business instances.
  • Scenarios and triggers helped in customizing the jobs to run as per requirement without manual intervention.
  • Dataiku Knowledge Base and Academy, which are excellent sources of learning helped the team to self-learn and contribute to the projects effectively.

Value Type:

  • Improve customer/employee satisfaction
  • Reduce risk
  • Save time
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