SLB - Efficient Data Workflows for Unlocking Geothermal Opportunities

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Team members:

Maraym Al Kaabi, Data Scientist, with:

  • Ola Ali Jawad
  • Sampath Reddy
  • Modhar Khan

Country: Oman

Organization: SLB

Our story begins with what it truly means to be a technology innovator. It stems from a common sense of purpose that unites the people of SLB. With a global footprint in more than 100 countries and employees representing almost twice as many nationalities, we work each day on innovating oil and gas, delivering digital at scale, decarbonizing industries, and developing and scaling new energy systems that accelerate the energy transition.

Awards Categories:

  • Best Acceleration Use Case

Business Challenge:

The project involved the extraction of temperature data from over 20,000 wells with different vintages and service providers from diverse well logs.

The overwhelming volume of data collected requires robust infrastructure, scalable systems, and efficient algorithms to ensure timely insights, along with Data Variety that comes in various forms, including structured to unstructured data, diversity poses challenges in terms of data integration, normalization, and compatibility.

Such enormous data screening involves handling vast amounts of sensitive information, ensuring data privacy and security is paramount to protect against breaches, unauthorized access, and misuse of information.

Business Solution:

In order to successfully address the challenges presented in this project and unlock the geothermal potential, a comprehensive approach was adopted, leveraging the capabilities of the Dataiku. Dataiku played a pivotal role in the implementation of the project, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and meeting demanding time frames and requirements.

To achieve this, a hybrid approach was employed, combining both manual and automated processes. Initially, a team of 10 individuals manually examined the data, enabling them to understand the data structure, format, and identifying critical information within the log data.

The agile flow was then utilized to implement the automated process, supervised by Dataiku, which significantly expedited the identification of crucial data points. Dataiku's scripting solution played a key role in resolving challenges and guaranteeing the quality of the output result. Dataiku enabled the standardization of naming conventions and formats, segregated logs based on temperature availability and reliability, and automatically identified maximum temperature and total depth from the log data.

By incorporating Dataiku's capabilities into the project, it ensured that strategic planning and technical expertise were effectively combined. This allowed for a streamlined, efficient workflow, paving the way for evaluating potential geothermal resources, assessing risks and uncertainties, and finally conducting an economic evaluation as part of the various work packages. The successful implementation of the Dataiku played a crucial role in unlocking the geothermal potential and maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of the entire project.

Day-to-day Change:

Dataiku has significantly changed the day-to-day operations at our organization. With its automation workflow capabilities, Dataiku has revolutionized our data management practices, enabling us to seamlessly harmonize, prepare, and extract data from diverse sources.

The integration of SLB AI/machine learning and the automation platform has allowed us to build sophisticated workflows that automate the reading of LAS log files and extraction of bottom hole temperature accurately for over 20,000 wells, including multiple files per well with various flow scenarios. It has streamlined the process of classifying data by service providers, standardizing filed and well names, and temperature values/depth.

The automated approach has not only saved valuable time and resources but has also ensured the consistency and accuracy of our data analysis, transforming how we handle data and empowering us to make more informed decisions efficiently. Dataiku's cutting-edge platform has become an indispensable tool in achieving desirable output results and accelerating the success of our projects.

Business Area Enhanced: Product & Service Development

Use Case Stage: Built & Functional

Value Generated:

The value created with this use case of applying Dataiku in the geothermal project is immense. By leveraging Dataiku advanced data science platform and automation capabilities, the project successfully tackled the challenges of handling vast amounts of complex data from multiple service providers. Data exploration, classification, and evaluation played a pivotal role in overcoming the obstacles posed by the lack of uniform data formats and inconsistent well locations.

The automated workflow, supported by two crucial plug-ins, the LAS file reader, and the LAS export manager, facilitated the efficient extraction of maximum temperature data and its conversion into Excel format. This automation replaced a manual approach that required 10 full-time engineers working for 3 weeks to handle 1000 log files. In contrast, the automated flow took only 2 assigned engineers to work 5 business days including preparing and executing 12,000 received log files simultaneously, ensuring high accuracy, which is a critical factor. The harmonization, normalization, and standardization process improved data quality, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Moreover, the workflow's reusability and customization potential offer long-term value and scalability for future projects. Ultimately, Dataiku played an important role in accelerating the project's timeline to accomplish data screening and extraction for 20,000 log files in 10 working days, furthermore reducing the costs associated with sourcing full-time engineers and infrastructure for manual approaches by 75%.

The automated workflow lead by domain expert and data scientist engineer, provided swift and accurate results that contributed significantly to the success and economic feasibility of the geothermal energy study on a regional scale.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

The specific value brought by Dataiku in this geothermal project is the transformation of data management and analysis processes. Dataiku's advanced automation capabilities have allowed the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) in the Sultanate of Oman to effectively overcome the challenges posed by dealing with large volumes of diverse data.

By seamlessly connecting to any data in various formats, such as LAS, DLIS, CSV, and Excel, Dataiku enables rapid data cleaning, wrangling, mining, and visualization. The machine learning at scale feature further enhances the analysis process. With the ability to execute every step in the data-to-insights process through both code and a visual interface, Dataiku ensures efficiency and precision in data preparation and extraction of temperature and depth values from more than (20,000 wells and 25,000 well files). The result is a timesaving, accurate, and accelerated workflow, allowing for the identification of potential geothermal capacity on a country scale with a reduced environmental impact.

Furthermore, Dataiku's compliance with data residency requirements and enterprise-level security with fine-grained access rights ensure data privacy and protection. Overall, Dataiku's integration has provided the Ministry with an invaluable solution, empowering them to unlock geothermal potential and make informed decisions for sustainable energy alternatives in line with their 2040 vision plan.

Value Type:

  • Increase revenue

Value Range: Thousands of $

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