PASHA Holding - Building a Data-Driven Culture Through Upskilling Employees and Community-Building

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Name: Rustam Mammadov

Title: PASHA Collaboration and Development Hub Coordinator

Country: Azerbaijan

Organization: PASHA Holding

PASHA Holding is a prominent Azerbaijani company renowned for its diversified portfolio of businesses and its significant contributions to the country's economic growth and development. PASHA Holding operates across multiple industries, including finance, insurance, real estate, construction, hospitality, and technology. Technology and innovation hold a special place in the company's operations, as it continually seeks to leverage cutting-edge solutions to enhance its services and create new opportunities for growth. PASHA Holding is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility through philanthropic initiatives, educational programs, and social development projects.

Awards Categories:

  • Best Data Democratization Program

Business Challenge:

PASHA Holding has embarked on a transformative journey aimed at leveraging the power of data throughout the organization. Our overarching objective is to foster a data-driven culture that revolutionizes our decision-making processes.

To attain this vision, a comprehensive strategy was devised, meticulously divided into essential building blocks. The initial step involved the development of a robust data platform, laying the foundation for efficient data management and accessibility. Concurrently, we established stringent data governance measures to ensure data integrity, security, and compliance. Another critical facet of the strategy centered on expediting advanced analytics capabilities.

By harnessing cutting-edge analytical techniques, we sought to unearth valuable insights and facilitate data-informed decisions across all business domains. We at PASHA Hub, our group development and collaboration center, were tasked to achieve seamless integration of data-driven practices into the organization's fabric. However, the most formidable challenge we encountered was centered around human capital. Even with sophisticated systems, streamlined processes, and advanced models in place, success ultimately hinged on the proficiency of our workforce in utilizing these resources effectively.

We faced the daunting task of upskilling our employees across various departments, not just limiting it to data teams but extending it to business personnel as well. Scaling the correct utilization of data required meticulous planning and tailored training programs. We endeavored to empower our employees with the skills to interpret and harness data effectively, empowering them to make data-driven decisions in their respective roles. It was essential to instill a data-driven mindset throughout the organization, nurturing a culture where data is perceived as a strategic asset rather than a mere byproduct of operations. Inculcating this cultural shift demanded strong leadership commitment and persistent efforts to drive home the value of data-driven decision-making.

Business Solution:

In our pursuit to address these challenges, we embraced a multifaceted approach that encompassed industry best practices while pioneering innovative strategies to propel us towards our objectives.

One of the crucial steps in this transformative journey was our collaboration with Dataiku, a strategic partnership that unlocked a plethora of opportunities to leverage the power of data effectively. Working closely with the Dataiku team, we swiftly embarked on an ambitious enablement program.

This program was founded on three fundamental pillars that formed the bedrock of our success:

  1. Upskilling and Learning: We recognized that building a data-driven organization demanded a skilled and proficient workforce. Therefore, we focused on upskilling our employees across various roles, including Data Scientists, Analysts, and Engineers. Through live-online training sessions conducted by Dataiku experts, our employees were equipped with the necessary tools, techniques, and use-case ideation. This effort not only led to some participants earning their first-ever certifications, but also created a core group of experts who later underwent the Train-the-Trainer course, enabling us to have internal trainers who could deliver courses in our native language.
  2. Sharing and Engagement: To foster a deeper understanding of the importance of data processes and to foster collaboration across teams, we facilitated regular knowledge-sharing events. These community gatherings allowed colleagues from different departments and group companies to present their use-cases, discuss replicability in other areas, and learn from each other's successes and challenges.
  3. Data Community: Building on our existing data community's talents and networks, we harnessed the power of collective wisdom. Our data community became an invaluable platform for sharing success stories, best practices, and even lessons learned from failures. This collaborative spirit created opportunities for multiplying the value derived from data within our organization. As we look ahead, we are excited to scale up our data enablement program using a comprehensive training manual, encompassing all the insights from the Dataiku Academy, essential contacts, and valuable community links.

Armed with a skilled workforce and a culture of data-driven decision-making, we are confident in our ability to unlock even greater opportunities and drive our organization towards sustained success in a data-powered future.

Day-to-day Change:

The adoption of Dataiku's no-code capabilities has ushered in a profound transformation within our organization, revolutionizing our day-to-day operations. The newfound accessibility to data insights has empowered both our data teams and business representatives, unlocking the true potential value hidden within our data assets.

One of the most significant changes lies in the democratization of data-driven decision-making. With the ability to create their own use cases, various functions within our organization are now equipped to explore and analyze data independently. This shift has unleashed a wave of innovation and efficiency across departments, enabling swift and informed decision-making processes.

To ensure a seamless and widespread integration of data-driven practices, we leveraged the Dataiku Academy manual, complemented by Dataiku webinars, events, and coaching services. This comprehensive learning and development initiative extended to the entire group of companies within our ecosystem. The results were astounding, as knowledge dissemination and skill development became a collective endeavor.

Our vibrant data community played a pivotal role in this transformative journey. Through community channels, we shared examples of successful implementations, lessons learned from challenges, and best practices. This collective learning culture further accelerated the adoption of data-driven approaches across our organization.

As we move forward, we remain committed to refining and updating our processes continuously. By staying agile and open to new initiatives, we ensure that our data transformation journey is an ongoing and dynamic process. We embrace change and innovation as we navigate the evolving data landscape, secure in the knowledge that our partnership with Dataiku has positioned us to unlock boundless opportunities and drive sustainable success throughout our organization and beyond.

Business Area Enhanced: Group-wide learning and data culture enhancement

Use Case Stage: In Progress

Value Generated:

The implementation of Dataiku's no-code environment has yielded remarkable value by democratizing data analysis across diverse functions within our organization. The seamless accessibility to data insights has transformed the way our teams operate, resulting in a widespread impact felt throughout the entire organization.

The Dataiku Academy and Train-the-Trainer program played a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge at scale, allowing us to reach a large audience. As a testament to its effectiveness, an influx of new and innovative use cases now graces our community platform. This collaborative hub showcases the collective intelligence of our workforce, with individuals confidently presenting their data-driven solutions and sharing valuable insights with colleagues.

The value created with this case is evident not only in the enhanced efficiency of our operations but also in the increased knowledge-sharing and collaboration among our teams. Surveys and feedback from our workforce unequivocally indicate that employees now enjoy easier access to vital information and resources. The ability to participate in the Dataiku Academy, attain certifications, and apply newfound skills in practice has instilled a sense of empowerment and ownership among our employees.

By breaking down data analysis barriers and fostering a collaborative learning culture, we have unleashed the full potential of our workforce, transforming them into drivers of positive change and unlocking unparalleled opportunities for growth and excellence.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

Dataiku has been a transformative force, bringing specific and tangible value to our organization in multiple ways.

Firstly, on our end, it has accelerated the learning process, equipping our workforce with vital skills and knowledge to excel in the data-driven landscape. The comprehensive learning programs, offering online courses, certifications, internal trainers, and expert coaching from Dataiku professionals, have created a wealth of accessible resources at every level. T

he ease of access to these learning initiatives has facilitated the emergence of innovative use cases across various domains such as HR, Risk, Finance, and Customer Service. Empowered by their newfound expertise, our colleagues have harnessed Dataiku to create impactful solutions, which are now shared and replicated across our group companies. The collaborative culture fostered by Dataiku has amplified the collective intelligence of our organization, enhancing efficiency, and driving continuous improvement and success.

With Dataiku's support, our workforce has become adept at tackling complex challenges, unleashing a new era of data-driven growth and excellence.

Value Type: Learning and Engagement

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