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Hi All,

I am wondering how to make updates to an application instance. The way I understand it, when an application instance is created by a user, a duplicate project is created behind the scenes that mimics how the original project was set up. Suppose I decide to make updates/corrections to the original project, the changes are not automatically propagated to the application instance that was set up by the user.

Is there a way to do so? If I deploy my project on the automation node and create application instances for my user, would they get automatically updated if a new bundle is deployed? Or is application not the best tool for this use case and I should use webapps instead?



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    Hi @AlexT

    In that case, what is the recommended way to work with app instances (as is) if we expect that there will be many updates in the application?

    Can we delete an outdated app instance, then recreate a new one with the lattest version of the project, and give the new app instance the exact same url as the old instance?

    Many thanks for your answers,

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