Full Screen Streamlit Apps (stand-alone view through Dataiku)

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The title says it all. Publishing your Streamlit Webapp via Dataiku feels more like a clunky embedded experience than a bespoke application. What I'm looking for here is a native experience through Dataiku's platform. I know that Dataiku offers users the ability to publish their web apps publicly (full screen / native views), but in this scenario users are required to handle authentication themselves. This to me, is too large of a compromise for what I hope is a simple feature request.

An example of what I'm looking for can be seen in the code studio preview itself. There's a "pop out" button that allows you to pop out the current tab in a new window. It would be great to simply have another option when going to publish your app to a Dataiku space, that allows you to publish it as a stand-alone view.

An update like this will go a long way to legitimizing the products built through Dataiku. The end user will see these apps as stand-alone applications versus dashboards built within an analytics wrapper.

Let me know your thoughts.

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