Auto Synch Jupyter Notebook and Corresponding Recipe Code

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I often find myself editing Python Jupyter Notebooks that have an associated recipe. If I save the notebook but forget to "Save Back to Recipe," there is a "Mismatch between recipe and notebook." In turn, running the recipe as a standalone script, or running the recipe through scenario automation results in an unintended output.

My product idea is automatically syncing the jupyter notebook with recipe to avoid outdated recipe code.

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  • dlastrazeneca
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    When working in a jupyter notebook from within the VS Code browser IDE (Dataiku Code Studios), there is not even an option to 'save back to recipe'. Instead, I have to save changes to the notebook, then navigate in a different tab to the recipe, click 'edit in notebook', then choose to 'view the current notebook contents' instead of 'override current notebook contents', then 'save back to recipe'.

    That is way too many steps and very error prone.

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