SDG Group - Leveraging Dataiku to Design a Fully Automatic Marketing Data Engineering Framework

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Name: Matt Giroux

Title: Senior Executive

Country: United States

Organization: SDG Group

SDG Group is a global consulting firm specialized in Data & Analytics. We are committed to unlocking organizations’ potential and hidden value by offering in-depth analytics expertise that empowers our clients’ business models to become successful data-driven enterprises. Innovation is in our DNA. We constantly innovate our value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and transformational models to provide the ultimate analytics practices and solutions.

SDG Group works on the pillars of a Triple Expertise, incorporating business process skills by domain with a technological knowledge and a partnership with the most important and innovative software providers. Our portfolio also features cutting-edge laboratories and the development of Advanced Analytics & AI technologies.

Awards Categories:

  • Best AI Acceleration Use Case
  • Best Partner Acceleration Use Case

Business Challenge:

A Global Pharmaceutical Company is currently leveraging Dataiku for a number of critical initiatives. In recent months, two initiatives, in particular, were in need of acceleration and stabilization: 1) a large omnichannel marketing mix optimization model, and 2) a weekly decision engine offering suggestions to the field for their "Next Best Action."

The company approached SDG Group to support the re-design of both initiatives to better leverage their full data platform and stabilize the operations so that model-ready datasets can be easily configured and processed automatically.

Business Solution:

SDG Group set out to design a fully automatic marketing data engineering framework leveraging Dataiku with existing capabilities of the data platform, including a robust business rules management system (BRMS).

We integrated metadata from the BRMS into scenario execution to automatically adjust pipeline configuration on the fly so that metric definitions (e.g., factors, lookback periods, inclusion/exclusion criteria, etc...) can be updated at will. We also created common Analytical Ready Data (ARD) in an optimized layer within Snowflake.

We leveraged the power of the platform with SQL-pipelining to create datasets with massive scale and speed. We also embedded a plugin into the framework to optimize multi-input, multi-variant pivot operations in Snowflake.


Day-to-day Change:

For MATCH, business teams now have fewer delays, and commercial teams can react quickly to changes in the field and update the engine to generate more relevant suggestions for Next Best Actions each week!

For IPMM, data volume and processing optimizations allow for repeated executions during budget allocation cycles to further optimize marketing spend across all channels.

Business Area: Marketing/Sales/Customer Relationship Management

Use Case Stage: In Production

Value Generated:

Altogether, the enhanced designs increased performance numerous times over existing processing. The newly created and SQL-pipeline-enabled data flows take minutes instead of hours or even days previously. With brand marketing budgets in the millions of dollars, this leads to significant ROI for each optimized dollar spent.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

Dataiku brings improved governance and an MLOps platform to build completely automated pipelines. This enables operations teams with simplicity and enhanced control to manage the pipelines on a daily/weekly basis.

Value Type:

  • Reduce cost
  • Save time
  • Increase trust

Value Range: Hundreds of thousands of $

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