Job process died (killed - maybe out of memory ?) when trying to score dataset

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I'm trying to score my dataset (about 800,000 rows and 720 columns). After about 5 minutes, I get the "Job process died (killed - maybe out of memory ?)" error. I noticed that if I subset it down to 10,000 rows, it runs as expected.

To get to this 800K row scoring dataset, I'm taking a 5M row table, inner joining it with my scoring scope, and outputting my 'scoring' table population (800K rows) which gets fed into the model scoring step.

I should note that when previously using SQL Server Data Source, I was able to score 900K+ row scoring datasets with no problem. I am now using Snowflake Data Sources instead, so I'm wondering if that is the cause or if it's because I'm joining the data before scoring.

Operating system used: Windows


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