Using Dash Mantine date component in webapp

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I have created a user input form in Dataiku webapp using Dash, and for calendar input i am using Dash Mantine component as it allows easier selection of dates, sometimes when i try to click on the calendar option the dash app goes on an infinite loading state, can anyone suggest a workaround for this issue.

Operating system used: Windows 10



  • Alexandru
    Alexandru Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS ML Practitioner, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered Posts: 1,209 Dataiker

    Hi @Binoy

    Does the issue persist with a different component, such as the Dash Bootstrap Components Date Picker, or the Dash Core Components DatePickerRange?

    Can you confirm the exact version of Dash you are using and any relevant code snippets?


  • Yuti
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    Hi Everyone.

    I'm facing similar issues only with Dash Mantine component (version 0.12.0) DatePicker. Version of Dash is 2.0.0 fyi.

    Right now it is working with Dash Core Components DatePickerSingle but with Dash Mantine component DatePicker while selecting the date, the page stops responding.

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