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Hi all. I'm new to Dataiku and am having issues getting info on Dataiku internals. My current need is to lessen administrative headaches setting up large numbers of connections on numerous different servers in Dev, Test, Stage & Prod environments. If connection info is stored in a JASON file someplace, which after poking around a little is a fairly reasonable bet, does anyone know the location of it? (And yes, I know, even looking at much less touching the internals is not recommended, might invalidate our support contract, can lead to arrest and incarceration for license violations, etc. - so no need to repeat said warnings.) Having insight to such a file could potentially make my life simpler and alleviate my spending many hours doing mind-numbing amounts of repetitive work.

Operating system used: RH Linux


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    Nevermind, I found it without writing any API calls. If anyone else is interested, the file is /opt/dataiku/DATA_DIR/config/connections.json.


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