Upload excel workbook with all sheets in DSS project

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I want to upload an excel workbook in my DSS project, but while i am trying to upload it, it is showing me only first sheet, else if i am selecting all the required sheet, its just appending all the sheets side by side.

My basic requirement is that, I should be able to upload excel workbook and then i can use that workbook in python script to process different sheets.

Help me out please in this scenerio.


  • AshleyW
    AshleyW Dataiker, Alpha Tester, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered, Product Ideas Manager Posts: 161 Dataiker

    Hi @Nainish09

    You might try putting that Excel file into a managed folder.



  • Nainish09
    Nainish09 Registered Posts: 7

    Thank @AshleyW
    for your reply, but i forgot to mention that i have to this work in S3 bucket, If i am uploading my excel workbook in a folder stored in s3 bucket, then i am not able to import that particular workbook, because i dont have access to the s3 bucket keys. So, is there any way to import my workbook stored in folder in s3 bucket without giving credentials of s3 bucket?

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