Getting error when adding the plugin recipe around the Environement Image


Hello Dataiku Community,

I have created a new Plugin recipe with Python37 and added some dependencies. The creation of the environment was successful. But when I Build the added plugin to the Flow after clicking on Created it gave the following error. Not sure where the error is coming from?

Appreciate any pointers or help!

Job failed: No recorded container image tag for this code environment: in act.compute_horizontal-ds_NP: No recorded image tag for env PYTHON plugin_test-recipe-plugin-dataset_managed_1 version= null. Maybe you need to build Docker image



Neeraj B


  • neerajisalso
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    The error says that no container image was created.
    I think in this case as the container image is not created check if when creating the environment, a specific container was selected or not. If no container was selected definitely no container image will be created and hence the issue.

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