Not able to create Plugin Managed Environement with Python 3.8

Hello Team
I was working on creating the custom dataiku plugin in python.
I wanted to use the python 3.8 or 3.9 version for the same. I am facing a problem while creating the plugin-managed environment for this plugin.

I am not seeing python 38 or python 39 in the drop-down and hence selected "Custom" as seen below.
After setting the above option when clicking on Build New Environment getting an error saying Python38 is not found.

Can you help with how this can be achieved using the custom option or need to do some admin settings? Basically, I expect all the available python versions to be available in the drop-down of Python while creating the New Environment.


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  • Miguel Angel
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    Hi Neeraj,

    The error message is telling us either Python 3.8 is not installed in the server or it cannot be found.

    • In the first case, please ensure that python version is installed in the server (and the base image if you do containerised execution).
    • In the second, if for whatever reason DSS fails to find the installed python interpreter (e.g. it is not in the PATH), you can indeed specify its location using the "Custom" option. Here, we need to put the path of the python executable in the server, such as '/usr/local/bin/python3.8' not just its name.

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