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Hi Dataiku community!

I am trying to complete the <Dataiku DSS for R Users - Course> and I need to install the dataiku package in RStudio as follows:

install.packages("http(s)://DSS_HOST:DSS_PORT/public/packages/dataiku_current.tar.gz", repos=NULL)

However I got an error in download the file (please check the screenshot attached), the screenshot depicts the issue in more details including the host and the port.

Please let me know if you need more information.

I will appreciate your prompt response.

Kind regards.

Operating system used: Windows


  • Miguel Angel
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    The "WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER" error is an SSL failure. Common root causes are a https_proxy misconfiguration or a global proxy in your company/location that terminates SSL in the middle.

    Since this error is more related to your internal setup, the best option towards its fast resolution would be to escalate to your DSS administrators

    From RStudio, the correct way for installing packages is the following: Tools > Install Packages> Select Package in the Install from slot > Select the downloaded package > Install

  • anthonyfergon28
    anthonyfergon28 Registered Posts: 11

    Hi again @MiguelangelC
    thanks for your kind response.

    Look friend: According to DSS_Official_Documentation we are not able to download the dataiku package from CRAN project instead of that we should go and download it from DSS compiling the below instruction: (check screenshot: <Dataiku RStudio Installation pt_02.png>

    install.packages("http(s)://DSS_HOST:DSS_PORT/public/packages/dataiku_current.tar.gz", repos=NULL)

    Notwithstanding, at the time when you compiled that aforementioned instruction in RStudio or RGUI an error erupts depicitng the following prompt alert: (Please check the screenshot attached: <Dataiku RStudio Installation.png>).

    Alternatively I choose the Windows PowerShell in order to install the pip the dataiku.package..tar.gz however an SSL issue explodes (you can see this error in the same scrrenshot <Dataiku RStudio Installation.png>

    I will appreciate your help community

  • DataQuesitons
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    Hello @anthonyfergon28
    , do you find a solution? I have the same problem when installing Dataiku package in Rstudio.

    Thanks for your answer

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