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I am trying to set up dataiku API to send email to custom users with custom message once endpint gets triggered. because scenarios can not run in parallel i would not be able to use the following suggestion.

is there any other way to get it working in Dataiku?



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    Hi @NiloofarDadras

    If you want to send an email from an API endpoint, it's probably easiest to do this simply through a Python function in the API endpoint, and use Python to send the email. You can likely use the Python email package or any similar package.

    Here is an example:

    Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.30.39 PM.png

    Here is the example Python function endpoint code where my SMTP server is running on

    import smtplib
    # Import the email modules we'll need
    from email.message import EmailMessage
    # Insert here initialization code
    # This function is the entry point for your Python function API
    # You can call this function with passing "param1", "param2",
    # "param3" as arguments to the API call
    # (see REST API documentation)
    def api_py_function():
        print('do some stuff')
        print('sending email')
        msg = EmailMessage()
        msg.set_content('Your endpoint executed with the following results...')
        msg['Subject'] = 'Endpoint email'
        msg['From'] = ''
        msg['To'] = ''
        # Send the message via our own SMTP server.
        s = smtplib.SMTP('')
        return {}


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