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I am trying to hook up Visual Studio Code with the Enterprise version of Dataiku (a two-week free trial). I get the error:


 I added a Visual Studio code block, a streamlit block, and a code environment.

I do not have "Elastic AI Computation" set up because I am running on my laptop and my laptop is also running Visual Studio code.

What else is required? What is the simplest (shortest) path to getting this interaction working? Thanks.

Operating system used: Mac Ventura


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  • ClemenceB
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    Hi @Erlebacher

    Having Elastic computation setup is a mandatory requirement for using Code Studios, as they run in Kubernetes clusters (read more in documentation).
    If you're running Dataiku on your laptop and want to use VS Code to edit your code (code recipes, libraries, plugins), you should rather use the VS Code Extension.

    I hope it answers your question, don't hesitate if you need more help.




  • Erlebacher
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    Thanks. I don't believe the documentation mentions the Vscode extension as a solution if running on the laptop. At least not in the same location where elastic computation is discussed.

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