Storing a List as a variable

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I would like to have a project variable that is a list. How is that done? To be clear, I'd like a list such as:

"list": "['a','b','c']"

I thought that this would work given that Json interprets this as a strong. I get an error:

Error in Python process: At line 84: <class 'KeyError'>: ['asd', 'def']

I have not found a combination that worked. My Python code is:

vars = Dataiku.get_custom_variables()
print("keep_cols: ", keep_cols)

Thanks for any insights.

Operating system used: Mac, Ventura


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  • Zach
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    Hi @Erlebacher

    You can load a project variable that's a list in Python by using json.loads()

    For example, if I have a project variable that looks like this:

      "keep_cols": ["a", "b", "c"]

    I can load it using the following code:

    import json
    import dataiku
    vars = dataiku.get_custom_variables()
    keep_cols = json.loads(vars["keep_cols"])
    print("keep_cols: ", keep_cols)



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