DataIKU Scenario not running with API - Dataset READ_DATA action Forbidden

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While trying to run a scenario remotely, the job is failing. (PFB point of failure from stack trace)

[2022/12/05-10:52:06.889] [qtp1423491597-38] [INFO] [dku.job.slave]  - Trying to obtain grant: datasetread::READ_DATA::<DATASET_NAME>
[2022/12/05-10:52:06.899] [qtp1423491597-38] [WARN] [dip.http.utils]  - Got response code 403
[2022/12/05-10:52:06.901] [qtp1423491597-38] [ERROR] [dku.job.kernelbase]  - Call failed
com.dataiku.common.server.APIError$APIErrorException: Action on dataset forbidden
    at com.dataiku.dip.util.HTTPClientUtils.handleJSONResp(

Error => Trying to obtain grant: datasetread::READ_DATA::

I imported this project (with the scenario) from my team mate

Manual triggers are okay but triggering the scenario using run_and_wait api from my local jupyter notebook is not working.

While it is working as expected for another project

can you help in suggesting the changes i need to do for the project with error?

Operating system used: Windows


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