User Highlight: Ignacio Toledo of the ALMA Observatory

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In the latest installment of our User Highlights series, which focuses on the extraordinary Dataiku users driving the data science field forward, we’re pleased to put the spotlight on @Ignacio_Toledo
, Data Analyst turned Data Science Initiative Lead at the ALMA Observatory in Chile. One of the founding members of the Dataiku Neurons program, Ignacio can frequently be found around the Community, responding to technical questions and empowering his fellow users.

Ignacio’s trailblazing work has also been recognized in both editions of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards. In 2021, his submission on empowering a data-driven organization to improve astronomical observations was a finalist in the Organizational Transformation category. In 2022, meanwhile, his joint submission on fostering collaboration from all backgrounds for a good cause made on behalf of the volunteers of the ALMA x Dataiku Challenge placed twice: as the winner in the Most Impactful Ikigai Story category, and as a finalist in the Most Extraordinary AI Makers category.

Meet Ignacio and discover more about his data journey in the video below!


Video Highlights

  • At 00:20, learn how Ignacio, who comes from a background in astronomy, found his way to the field of data science.
  • At 01:45, find out how a data science team was built at the ALMA Observatory — and how other observatories can follow Ignacio’s example.
  • At 03:05, discover how Ignacio’s involvement in the Dataiku Neurons program has transformed his relationship with the Dataiku Community.

Connect With Ignacio in the Dataiku Community!

Want to learn more about Ignacio’s work, ask a question, or simply start a conversation? Don’t hesitate to drop him a message, or leave a reply if you see him around the Community.


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