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Hi all

I'm trying to write an exporter with the "exportBehavior": "OUTPUT_TO_FILE" option - to be used in a similar way to Export Schema -> Download

I'd like to be able to reference the current dataset name that i'm currently in (same way as the Export Schema -> Download -> Format = CSV (*.csv) must be able to)

I know there's a DATASET type parameter - but I'd rather it default to the dataset i'm in rather than have to choose it from the drop down.

So question is, how do I reference the dataset name in the exporter.py or exporter.json (predefinedConfig?) file?

Thanks in advance


  • trevor_g
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    The generic Export Schema exporter (e.g. CSV (*.csv)) must know the current working dataset name given that it uses the dataset name in file name that it outputs to save.

    Strangely, interrogating the destination_file_path parameter in the open_to_file method doesn't help as it seems to be a random file name.

    Any ideas?

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