Testing Plugins in different nodes (Designer/Automation/API)

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I have Dataiku instance setup and installed Designer, Automation and API nodes.

I have a bunch of Dataiku store plugins like Text Preparation, Text Summarization, Named Entity Recognition, Deep Learning Image (to name a few).

I have to test these plugins to ensure they are working properly in different nodes.

1) Run the plugins in the workflow and check the resulting output > This method tests plugin in Designer node?

2) How do I test the plugin in Automation node? For the scenarios, I can't find any steps that allow for plugin testing.

3) API node?

Thank you.

Operating system used: Linux

Operating system used: Linux

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  • JordanB
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    Hi @victor_toh

    You should be able to test the plugins in the automation node in the same way you test them in the design node. Are you having any issues doing so? You can also run checks in a scenario on the automation node. The scenario steps are the same for the design node and the automation node.

    What type of API endpoint are you implementing? The API will reference the dataset or model that you have provided to it. You can make requests to the API to verify accuracy.

    Please let me know if I misunderstood your question.



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