Take the Shortcut: Production Quality Control and Factories Electricity & CO2 Emissions Forecasting

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In this issue of Take The Shortcut, we will touch on a new industry subject: Manufacturing. There are two Dataiku Business Solutions made with factory and production managers in mind. Designed to help drive production activities, one does so at the macro level while the other considers the operation scale of things.

Production Quality Control is the go-to solution for production engineers or heads of factories to improve the quality of production and adjust manufacturing processes in near real-time. Production Quality Control helps to maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

Factories Electricity & CO2 Emissions Forecasting, meanwhile, is the solution to helping operations, strategic planning, and CSR teams monitor electricity consumption and the CO2 emissions it generates down the line. It covers electricity consumption across meters and sites to aggregate activity-based carbon emissions forecasting.

Before exploring these two topics further, a short summary of Dataiku Business Solutions, what they’re about, and how you can use them in your day-to-day work to achieve real-world business value!

About Dataiku Business Solutions

Business Solutions are ready-to-use Dataiku projects and analytical apps that accelerate the way to achieving advanced or foundational industry-specific use cases within your organization. They are an operational shortcut to gaining real-world business value. Taking advantage of Dataiku’s core features, they are also built to be fully customizable and entirely editable.

Business Solutions already support the acceleration of AI journeys of various functions from different industries, including financial services, retail and CPG, health and pharma, and even manufacturing. To find out more, you can check them out on the Dataiku website or directly through your Dataiku instance.

Business Solutions of the Month

Production Quality Control


This solution aims to augment manufacturing processes with AI to improve production efficiency and ultimately lead to higher profit, quality, and service. It is based on training and deploying up-to-date AI models that leverage all relevant data across different manufacturing processes.

Features of the solution include:

✓ A structured and comprehensive flow to adapt the flow to your manufacturing processes.

✓ Streaming capabilities and notifications to alert your operators in near real-time to act early in the production process.

✓ AI-powered Manufacturing Quality Dashboard to follow your production in near real-time.


Factories Electricity & CO2 Emissions Forecasting


With this solution, the objective is to centralize the view of a company’s total energy consumption and understand what drives it. It allows users to build electricity metrics and develop precise CO2 metrics thanks to the real-time carbon intensity of electricity provided by ElectricityMap. AI capabilities included can help identify the best-case scenario to reach your sustainability goals.

What’s included in the solution:

✓ A structured and comprehensive flow: Adapt the flow to your buildings and facilities.

✓ CO2 converter plugin: Convert electricity consumption into CO2 emissions from a live connection with RTE (fr) & ElectricityMap (world).

✓ Dashboard for electricity consumption and carbon emissions: unified view of your electricity consumption and carbon footprint.


Requirements to Use Dataiku Business Solutions

If you’re interested in using a Dataiku Business Solution, the requirements are simple. You must have relevant business data to feed the solution and use Dataiku 9 or a later version. All other technical requirements and useful code environments can be found in our Knowledge Base.

You can learn more about the different Business Solutions available to Dataiku users like you by discovering the ones featured last month, or by browsing all of the installments in our ongoing series.

Which Dataiku Business Solution are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments!

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