Looking Back at the 2022 Everyday AI Conferences by Dataiku

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This summer has been a whirlwind for the Dataiku Community, as we traveled around the world to attend the 2022 Everyday AI Conferences by Dataiku. The occasion to bring together our global community of data doers, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet users like you in person in London, New York, and Bengaluru.

With the final stop in Paris less than a month away, we thought it was the perfect moment to look back at what we got up to at the first three events. Continue reading to join us on a walk down memory lane, and get a sneak peek at what we have planned for the French event on October 20th!

Everyday AI London

Our first stop took us to London, where we joined over 500 data practitioners, leaders, and innovators at Tobacco Dock on June 20th for the inaugural Everyday AI Conference.

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Participants arriving at Everyday AI London

Our first in-person event since EGG in 2019, it featured a number of fantastic talks that showed how the conversation around Everyday AI has evolved over the past three years. Speakers even included a few of our Dataiku Neurons, with Rachel Kurtz (@rkurtz
), Analytics Architect at InterWorks, giving a talk on Full Stack Solutions; Alice Smith (@ak12
), AI Platform Engineer at AstraZeneca, joining a panel discussion on self-service analytics; and @CraigTurrell
, Head of P2P Digital Centre of Excellence at Standard Chartered Bank, joining Lisa Bardet (@LisaB
) for a fireside chat about his award-winning story around organizational transformation.

“Thank you so much to Lisa and the rest of Dataiku team for the London Everyday AI event, and the opportunity to share our journey as well as my personal experience to become the next generation data executive that I know I need to be,” Craig said of the experience.

8-27 by domdommartin.jpg

Craig Turrell and Lisa Bardet during their panel discussion around Standard Chartered Bank’s award-winning submission to the 2021 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

One of the key moments of the event was, of course, the unveiling of Dataiku 11. There were a few sessions and breakouts dedicated to the highly-anticipated release, including exclusive previews into its exciting new features and a breakdown on how the latest version empowers the next-generation analyst, the advanced data scientist, and the operators and analytics leaders who safely scale AI for everyone.

To wrap up this throwback, we can’t help but mention a personal highlight for the Dataiku Community team, which was our dedicated booth at the event. It gave us the invaluable opportunity to exchange directly with users (don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you came by to say hello!), while participants who were new to the Community could take a spin on our wheel to find out more about all of the different activities and initiatives we have to offer.


introducing participants to the Dataiku Community

Everyday AI New York

A week later, we made our way across the pond to New York, for a two-day event filled with plenty of memorable moments of its own!

Day one was more hands-on. With the goal of having attendees experience key features in Dataiku, interactive use cases were offered through two dedicated tracks — Core Essentials and Going Further — which they could choose from based on their level and prior knowledge. Of course, we gave it a unique twist, giving participants silent disco-style headphones to help them improve focus while still learning alongside others.


Silent disco-style track at Everyday AI New York

Day two, meanwhile, was more focused on thought leadership. We had the opportunity to hear from dozens of data leaders, who delved into topics such as scaling AI, the evolving role of the data scientist, responsible AI, and democratization. This even included another appearance from Rachel Kurtz, who, in addition to delivering her Full Stack Solutions talk that was first presented in London, was a speaker on a panel discussion alongside Meta’s Global Head of Marketing, Nicole Alexander, about how we move towards a world fully driven by analytics.


Nicole Alexander and Rachel Kurtz during their panel discussion, “For AI to Go Mainstream, We Need 1 Billion Knowledge Workers. How Do We Get There?”

The event ended on a high note, with Lisa Bardet taking to the stage once more to share news about the 2022 edition of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards, and recognize 2021 winners Perry Beaumont (@phb
), Tom Brown (@tgb417
), and @Alex_Pamatat
for their pioneering achievements in person.


Tom Brown, Perry Beaumont, and Alex Pamatat were recognized on stage for their contributions to the 2021 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

Everyday AI Bengaluru

Everyday AI’s next destination was Bengaluru. A landmark moment for Dataiku, it was not only our first conference in India but our first conference in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region overall!

The day of the event, we put a number of initiatives in place to encourage networking between participants. A bingo sheet was given upon registration to spark discussion and win prizes, while a photo booth with Dataiku-themed props was installed for a fun memento of the event.


Testing out the photo booth at Everyday AI Bengaluru

What’s more, our newly-appointed Bengaluru user group lead, Aditya Sharma (@er_adityasharma
), was on-site to connect with local practitioners and refine his strategy to build a data science community in the area.

“I attended the event just after beginning my journey as a Dataiku User Group Lead, and what better place could it be to meet community folks and understand their expectations from the user groups,” says Aditya of his experience at the conference. “This has immensely helped me to shape our vision for a new, creative approach to building our community, bringing in more inclusivity and a different style of knowledge-sharing.”


Dataiku demo in action at our Accelerate booth

The day was filled with a wide variety of sessions and tracks. In the morning, speakers provided expert insights into topics such as MLOps, tapping into unstructured data, and more. The afternoon, meanwhile, featured two dedicated tracks that dove deeper into Dataiku: AI in Action, where users could learn from real-world use cases, and Dataiku Unveiled, which focused on the latest Dataiku features and products — including the recently released Dataiku 11.


Customer panel discussion featuring speakers from Dataiku, Alstom, Suez WTS, Morgan Stanley, and JK Lakshmi Cement

For those who couldn’t attend in person, we organized an online experience where users could hear from speakers in real-time and participate virtually.No, not just another series of masterclasses — in addition to live streaming the aforementioned sessions and tracks, we also livened up the online event with a number of interactive elements. This included an engaging online quiz, breakout rooms to facilitate networking, and the public unveiling of the Dataiku Escape Room!


The Dataiku Escape Room was a hit with online participants, who worked together to solve puzzles and escape before the clock ran out

Coming Up: Everyday AI Paris

Like our summertime events, the upcoming Everyday AI Paris Conference by Dataiku has a packed program. The opportunity to hear real-world stories from data science leaders, it will allow participants to delve deeper into how AI is evolving in France. Revolving around the themes of democratization, transformation, systematization, governance, and collaboration, it includes numerous sessions, workshops, and plenty of chances to connect and exchange with fellow Dataiku users.

The Dataiku Community also has a special announcement planned: We’ll be revealing the winners of the 2022 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards live, which means you’ll be the first to know who’s on the podium.


Where: Le Carousel du Louvre 99 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

When: October 20, 2022, from 9 AM to 6 PM

DISCLAIMER: The Everyday AI Paris Conference by Dataiku is a French-language event. As such, it’s best suited to the francophone members of the Dataiku Community. If this doesn’t include you, don’t worry — we’ll be back with more English-language conferences next year!

Register for the Everyday AI Paris Conference by Dataiku

Connect with your fellow Dataiku users and learn from leaders in the data science industry by registering for the Everyday AI Paris Conference on October 20th. As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering 20 free tickets to the event to our valued Community members — claim yours via the button below!




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