5 Easter Eggs in the Dataiku Flow

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Recently, I overheard someone describe their experience using Dataiku as “work is now fun again!”. This really caught my attention, as it’s not every day that you hear people associate Enterprise AI/ML software with being a source of entertainment. But what if Dataiku offers just that?

To add some amusement to your work day, there are a number of Easter eggs that can be activated by simply typing in special commands on your flow screen. For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to be showing off a select few visual examples — though rest assured there are far more to be discovered!

Just so that we’re all on the same page, all of the examples shared here used Dataiku Version 11.0.3 on the installed free edition. The Easter eggs were activated by typing anywhere but in the search bar, with all the commands written in lowercase (e.g., d-a-t-a-i-k-u). Afterward, if you’d like to return the flow to its initial state, you simply need to refresh the page to stop the command.


So who is ready to have some fun with their flow?

1. To kick things off, let's play around with fonts! Type: comic


2. Would you like an adorable pet picture? Type: kitty


3. Get even more cute animals on your feed. Type: puppy


4. Do you want some peanut butter with that flow? Type: gelly or jelly


5. To finish things off, here's my personal favorite Easter egg. Type: mining


Which of the Dataiku Easter eggs featured here was your favorite? Did I miss any that you really enjoy using? Leave a comment below!



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    older ones include "disco", "hive" & "hadoop"

  • iouahoud
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    try disco disco

  • Turribeach
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    Type python quickly in any screen (needs sound). I am not really sure how a python sounds but that easter egg sounds more like a rattlesnake!

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