How do I merge branches?

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I have created a duplicate project using version control in DSS. I have created the changes that I would like to make and would now like to merge this branch to the master branch.

The instructions under Merging Branches aren't clear enough for me to accomplish this. Do I need to activate a "remote" and work outside of DSS to achieve this merging?

Is there an instructional video on how to do this or could someone please post an instructional guide?

Thank you


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  • Miguel Angel
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    Merging branches is not available directly from DSS. This is because we can take advantage of the methodology native to Git to do so. Consequently, the documentation mentions the steps of creating a remote, doing a pull request and finally pulling the merged branch back.

    Since the merging happens outside of DSS we do not have specific information about the individual steps. Nevertheless, documentation about it is abundant depending on where the remote is located. For example, for GitHub


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