Scenario to notify when a row is added to a table

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Hi, using a data analyst license (no Python or R), I'm looking to create a scenario that notifies only when a row is added. The trick is my workflow only pulls data and recreates a final table. If the previous table had 3 rows, the new table might have 3 or more rows. If 1 or more rows were added, then the table was changed.

I am able to send the scenario with the new table but now I want it to be conditional and only send the new rows.

How can I do that without using Dataiku's visual recipes and scenarios?

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    I might not have understood your use case fully. But based on what I got, if you're looking to identify a way of triggering workflow based on row insert, you can do that by using SQL Change in Scenarios - Trigger Dropdown.

    For Workflow to only process new rows, if you have an identifier like a timestamp to identify new rows you can either use partitions and configure to only run new partitions or you have to write your own custom SQL to handle this logic using SQL Recipe.

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