application as recipe not running in new project

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I have created an app as recipe and it runs properly in the project. I am attempting to use in a separate project however it continually fails at a function and gives this error:

Oops: an unexpected error occurred

Error in R process: simpleError : at least two variables are needed to compute mutual information.

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HTTP code: , type: R. simpleError.

Could I get assistance on how to troubleshoot this? Is there a place where I can see what is happening in the back end when running an app recipe in a separate project?


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    Hi @Evelyn_Ajayi746

    I would suggest you open a support ticket with the scenario diagnostics in this. Available support channels are listed here:

    Please provide or review the following information yourself first. Go to the Advanced tab of the application-as-recipe when used in another project and check: "Keep instance for investigation".

    Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 21.58.55.png

    Then go to the instance that was saved under Applications and in that Application/project navigate to Scenario > Last Runs > Download scenario diagnosis.

    Please share the file generated over a support channel Chat or Support ticket rather than on the community.

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