Aviva - Deploying a Standardized, Centralized, and Modernized Infrastructure for Data and Analytics

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Country: United Kingdom

Organization: Aviva

Aviva plc is a British multinational insurance company headquartered in London, England. It has customers across its core markets of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. In the United Kingdom, Aviva is the largest general insurer and a leading life and pension provider. Aviva is also the second largest general insurer in Canada.

Awards Categories:

  • Value at Scale
  • Most Impactful Transformation Story

Business Challenge:

In the past, Aviva had no integrated analytics platform. The data stores were siloed, analysis was run on on-premise commodity hardware, and it was underpowered and expensive. Very few people could use any data at any scale, and they could not easily move between teams because of the different technologies in use.

Business Solution:

Over the past several years, with the help of Dataiku, Aviva has deployed standardized, centralized, and modernized infrastructure for data and analytics. The most important part of this is the Dataiku workbench that provides consistent connectivity to all the source datasets, a uniform platform to operate analytics functions, appropriate governance and controls, and standardized deployment of models and workflows to production.

Value Generated:

In the past five years, the IT platforms team has gone from major transformation projects to improving the infrastructure, delivery, and availability of Dataiku. This allowed Aviva to roll out Dataiku to an ever-growing audience of users, from around 10 data scientists to roughly 250 data scientists and 2,000 readers. This, in turn, enabled widespread consolidation of tooling used in Aviva that produced sizeable savings in licensing costs, hosting infrastructure costs, and gains in the efficiency of support that comes with a reduction in tools used across the organization.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

We have achieved a much reduced time to market by using Dataiku's inbuilt deployment and scheduling functionalities. In the past, deployment on the antiquated platform could take multiple weeks versus an overnight deployment in Dataiku - a nearly 98% reduction in lead time for deployments. Dataiku has also brought dramatic improvements in working practices by removing silos and allowing data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and IT teams to work together in the same tool set. This led to a 75% improvement in time to market from idea to production.

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