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I'm trying to create a pluggin based on a python recipe than i'm using several time in my projet.

My issue is that i'm working on an standalone machine that have no acces to internet therefor when i try to add a code env to my pluggin it fail and i'm not able to run it.

Is there a way to use an existing code env in my pluggin? I saw a previous post from 2021 that tried to address this subjet but i dont see any reply.


Operating system used: Linux


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    thanks to your idea i found a way to do it so for other people that would ask the same question here is how i did:

    1) creating the custom plugin and building his code env even if this will end in a bug;

    2) in the VM navigate in your DATA_DIR. to ./code-envs/python/

    3) here you can see the new plugin env that you just build. Write the name somewhere and delete the folder

    4) copy another code env that have all the required package and rename it with the name of the previous step.

    Reloads your plugin and it should work.


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