Take the Shortcut: News Sentiment Stock Alert & Anti-Money Laundering Alert Triage

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This time, Take The Shortcut is all about alerts! Two of our Dataiku Business Solutions specifically created to view, manage, and improve system alerts, to be more precise. They were designed for individuals working on two different but common topics to retail banks or finance funds: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and News Sentiment on Stocks.

News Sentiment Stock Alert is the perfect solution for portfolio analysts or trading teams to identify in real-time news items of most relevance in a portfolio. What’s more, it can be used to explore past trends to best understand what news might drive portfolio volatility in the future.

AML Alert Triage, meanwhile, is the solution to helping AML case managers or model reviewers to prioritize alerts based on machine learning to any existing AML process. Tackling higher risk alerts faster improves case management performance, and the included model explainability tools allow refinement of existing AML business rules.

Before exploring these two topics further, a short summary of Dataiku Business Solutions, what they’re about, and how you can use them in your day-to-day work to achieve real-world business value!

About Dataiku Business Solutions

Business Solutions are ready-to-use Dataiku projects and analytical apps that accelerate the way to achieving advanced or foundational industry-specific use cases within your organization. They are an operational shortcut to gaining real-world business value. Taking advantage of Dataiku’s core features, they are also built to be fully customizable and entirely editable.

Business Solutions already support the acceleration of AI journeys of various functions from different industries, including financial services, retail and CPG, health and pharma, and even manufacturing. To find out more, you can check them out on the Dataiku website or directly through your Dataiku instance.

Business Solutions of the Month

News Sentiment Stock Alert


This solution aims to identify news articles with a high impact on firm-level stock price volatility in real time. It’s ideal for companies with existing AML processes who want to leverage machine learning to process their alerts more efficiently.

Features of the solution include:

Real-Time News Scoring: to visualize the alerts in real-time.

Case Study: to investigate past anomalies.

Historical Price Anomaly Detection: to plot the price evolution.

Historical News Scoring: to explore past news and their scores.

Stock Price Analytics: including Principal Component Analysis.

Anomaly Detection


Anti-Money Laundering Alert Triage


With this solution, the objective is to easily integrate alert prioritization into existing Anti-Money Laundering solutions. It ensures that ‘real’ alerts are addressed first, and allows users to review the model for drift and refresh as needed. Organizations already operating an AML process and wishing to leverage machine learning to more efficiently process their alerts should find this solution very useful.

What’s included in the solution:

Triage Ranking of Alerts: all alerts are ranked based on the likelihood of being true positives.

Simple Data Requirements: the module requires only labeled historical alert data and a feed of the latest alert data to be fully functional.

Full-Circle Design: historical and new alert data can be easily updated at a regular (e.g., daily) cadence.

Streamlined Model Refresh: models are easily re-evaluated against updated data over time, with powerful business-relevant model review capabilities to guide enhancement or changes.


Requirements to Use Dataiku Business Solutions

If you’re interested in using a Dataiku Business Solution, the requirements are simple. You must have relevant business data to feed the solution and use Dataiku 9 or a later version. All other technical requirements and useful code environments can be found in our Knowledge Base.

You can learn more about the different Business Solutions available to Dataiku users like you by discovering the ones featured last month, or by browsing all of the installments in our ongoing series.

Which Dataiku Business Solution are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments!

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