Returning the Metric Record Count in a Slack message

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I have set up a scenario which returns a Slack message upon completion, along with some standard variables (e.g., ${scenarioName}). By following the documentation here ("Retrieving the value of a metric") I have been able to get the entire output from the metrics computation (${stepOutput_the_metrics}).

However, I would like to limit the content of the Slack message to the number of rows of the dataset (i.e., the value of the COUNT_RECORDS metric). When I try and follow the rest of the documentation, I cannot follow; especially the section "If the goal is to retrieve the value of the metric col_stats:MIN:cost, with a bit of filtering one obtains this status with ${filter(parseJson(stepOutput_the_metrics)[‘PROJ.computed’].computed, x, x.metricId == ‘col_stats:MIN:cost’)[0].value}"

I want to replicate this, but for my circumstances, but I am unable to. What does the x refer to here?

If I wanted to the value of the metric "metricId:records:COUNT_RECORDS", how would I do this?


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    Hi Mark,

    Let's assume that inside your scenario, you have one "Compute metrics" step named "the_metrics", which has one dataset called "test" in the project "SANDBOX" with the metric "records:COUNT_RECORDS" configured.

    Then you can retrieve the value of the metric using:

    ${filter(parseJson(stepOutput_the_metrics)[‘SANDBOX.test’].computed, x, x.metricId == ‘records:COUNT_RECORDS’)[0].value}

    I put in bold the parameters that you need to change:

    1. Name of the "Compute metrics" step: "the_metrics"

    2. Project key: "SANDBOX"

    3. Dataset name: "test"

    4. Metric identifier: "records:COUNT_RECORDS"

    Hope it helps,


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    Hello, I'm trying to do something very similar but in an email message and I cannot get it to work. I have a dataset called "RECORDS" and in the scenario, I am first running the metrics, then in the next step sending an email, trying to call the record count. Within my dataset RECORDS, I believe I have the record count metric turned on but when I try to call it in my email step using this:

    ${filter(parseJson(stepOutput_metrics)[‘projectkey.RECORDS’].computed, x, x.metricId == ‘metricId:records:COUNT_RECORDS’)[0].value}

    When I run the step, I always get the error ' freemarker.core.ParseException
    Syntax error in template "tmpl0" in line 8, column 40: Lexical error: encountered "\u2018" (8216), after "".'

    Any suggestions? I'm very confused about how to get the output itself from the metrics computation (${stepOutput_metrics}) as nothing returns when I call that. Please advise.

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    Please always start a new thread, as otherwise threads can't be marked as solved. You can reference other threads in your post if you want. Your problem is that you need to use a name without spaces for your metrics step (like Compute_metrics) and also use that name in your formula (like stepOutput_Compute_metrics). If it doesn't work start a new thread. Thanks

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