DSS can't read Teradata BLOB column

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I'm having an issue connecting to a table on Teradata Vantage (17) where a data column is stored in BLOB format. (the column contains image files in base64 encoding)

Dataiku autodetects the column as "string" datatype and all the column's values are read in as NaN. Changing the datatype to Object in the schema definition does nothing.

If I query the data directly through Teradata SQL Assistant or SQL studio the data is loaded correctly.

Does DSS not support this Teradata datatype?

Operating system used: Windows 10


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  • Alexandru
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    Hi @Antal

    DSS does not support BLOB or CBLOB types we have recorded this in our backlog.

    You should be able to explicitly cast to VARCHAR. In a SQL Recipe, read this data into DSS.


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