How to change DSS port?

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Hello everyone,

I made an installation of Dataiku DSS 1.4 (ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server) but I made a mistake when I gave the connection port to the installer. I tried to modify it through but failed, and then I chose to simply delete dataiku-dss folder to uninstall.

I reinstalled dss with the right port, but when I reach localhost:port it display "Apache Sqoop ROOT" instead of asking me login/password ...

My guess is that the "wild uninstall" followed by new installation made something wrong.

Could you please help me to make DSS run fine ?


Thank you Jeremy! When you told me to choose wisely the port I checked, the one used for my install was already taken by sqoop2. I changed this one and restarted Sqoop2 and Dataiku then everything worked well!

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    Hi Matt,

    Here is the procedure to change DSS TCP port.

    For versions up to 2.0.4:

    • edit
    • run ./DATA_DIR/bin/post-install

    For version 2.1.0 and above:

    • edit change the line export DKU_BASE_PORT=
    • data_dir/bin/dss stop
    • in the install dir (not the data_dir), rerun the installer:

      ./ -u -d data_dir
    • data_dir/bin/dss start

    For 2.3 and above, see

    A few recommendations when choosing your port for DSS:

    • The port number must be above 1024
    • DSS may use up to 10 consecutive ports
    • These ports must be free (you can use this command to check: netstat -antu)

    I hope that helps.

    Jeremy & Jean-Baptiste

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