SalesForce Plugin - data typed as Object breaks external storage

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Hi community,

I want to use the SalesForce Plugin v.1.2.1 to write data to SalesForce.

Using the SalesForce recipe, I have successfully uploaded sample data.

Currently, the output dataset is stored in as "filesystem managed", and everything works fine. However, I notice that the "data" column in the output is of type "object". When I use an output dataset with external storage (either Hive or Athena/Presto), I get an error because of the column type.


For various reasons it is problematic for me to use the dss file system to store this data, so I do need to find a way to use external storage here.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks in advance.

Operating system used: ec2


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    The error show that object type is not supported for Hive. To overcome this you will need to change the column type from object to string in the schema of your output dataset this should allow you to use Hive/Presto.

    Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 11.26.57.png

    Let me know if that helps.

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