New PostgreSQL Connection user error

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Some context:

  • I'm running DSS in VirtualBox.
  • I'm running PostgreSQL in WSL2 (Ubuntu for Windows).

I was guiding myself to learn to make a connection to postgresql with this tutorial:

Specifically, I did this part from the tutorial exactly as explained:

psql -h localhostCREATE DATABASE dku;\c dkuCREATE SCHEMA dku_churn;CREATE USER matthieu WITH PASSWORD 'Password';GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA dku_churn TO matthieu;CREATE SCHEMA dku_tshirt;CREATE USER dku_tshirt_admin WITH PASSWORD 'Password';GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA dku_tshirt TO dku_tshirt_admin;\q

And I verified that the database and users were created, however still an error appears when I try to make the connection (image attached) in Dataiku.

Do I need to modify firewall rules?

I checked and both Ubuntu (WSL2) and VirtualBox use, but I'm not sure if I understood right that part.

Operating system used: Windows



  • Sergey
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    Hi @violepshe

    FATAL: Password authentication failed for user means that DSS was able to reach Postgresql instance so that's not a firewall issue. You will need to check pg_hba.conf on Postgres side to see if you have correct auth used there for local connections.

    Please note this is not DSS issue but rather plain Postgres auth one.

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